Forensic Services


Professional Background

Dr. Cottle has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Forensic Psychology from Drexel University.  Over the past 10 years, she has conducted over 1000 forensic evaluations in Pennsylvania and North Carolina and has testified in district and superior courts throughout N.C. 

Prior to working privately, Dr. Cottle worked in state and federal hospitals, prisons, & university settings.  She has presented at local and national conferences and has published articles in peer reviewed journals on such topics as juvenile recidivism, violence risk, sexual offender recidivism, capacity to waive Miranda Rights, and juvenile transfer. 

                                       Types of Evaluations


     Capacity to Stand Trial

     Capacity to Waive Miranda

     "Transfer" to Superior

     Sanity/Diminished Capacity     

     Transfer to Superior Court

     Disposition, Setencing, & "Miller"

     Capital Sentencing/Mitigation

     Sexual Offender Specific

     Risk Assessment

    Civil Forensic Evaluations

      Parenting Capacity/Termination     

      Employee Selection and Assistance 

     Harassment and Wrongful Termination

      Disability/Personal Injury

      Workers' Compensation

      Independent Psychological Examinations

Other Forensic Services:

Dr. Cottle also offers trainings, workshops, and case consultation/review of mental health records and reports. Although Dr. Cottle does not conduct evaluations pertaining to divorce/custody or childhood sexual abuse victimization, she will provide a list of referral sources for such evaluations.

The Evaluation Process

Attorneys, Courts, and others may have questions regarding the purpose of Forensic Psychological Evaluations, as well as the  procedures for obtaining such an evaluation in a specific case.  Common questions include:

1. What type of expert do I need? 

2.  How do I obtain funding for an expert for an indigent defendant?

3. Are results protected by attorney-client privilege?


Answers to these questions vary from case to case.  Dr. Cottle is available to assist attorneys/courts with all components of the evaluation process, including determining appropriate referral question(s), navigating procedures to obtain orders/funding for the evaluation, obtaining assistance of additional experts, and in preparing for testimony/deposition.  


Dr. Cottle's evaluations are comprehensive and respond directly to the referral questions.  Opinions are based on extensive interviews, record reviews, and the most up-to-date and scientifically defensible measures.  Feedback is provided on an on-going basis, and reports are timely, clear, and easy to understand.  


Contact Dr. Cottle for questions about your case and to help determine if a Forensic Psychologist (or other expert) may be helpful in your case.  If Dr. Cottle is unable to assist, she will make specific recommendations and/or referrals, whenever possible.

Fax: 919-882-1685

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